Vicki Weiland–Resources for Writers

I am Vicki Weiland, a book doctor/developmental editor and video scriptwriter specializing in fine arts, history, and business.  I  help my clients focus on the vision of their projects.  Please take a look at my page entitled “VICKI’S FOUR QUESTIONS” © (for Writers and Authors) 

Women’s National Book Association

Women’s National Book Association-San Francisco Chapter

Bay Area Independent Publishers Association

Great news! The San Francisco “Writing for Change” Conference is coming, November 2010.  Date and Venue TBD
Watch the “Makers of Mischief” 5-minute-video for a smile!  Click on “Roy Rogers and Trigger”

The Eighth Annual San Francisco Writers Conference
‘Building Bridges to Better Tomorrows’
February 18- 20, 2011

Writing Career Coach Teresa LeYung Ryan is the author of  Build Your Name, Beat the Game: Be Happily Published (the 22 minutes for 22-days workbook for writers to build their names and attract attention and fans before and after publication).

A photo credit and a special thank you to Teresa for taking the picture appearing on “About Vicki Weiland.”


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