Sample Titles

Sample Titles:

  • Early Women Architects of the San Francisco Bay Area: The Lives and Works of Fifty Professionals, 1890-1950, Inge Horton (McFarland and Company, upcoming 2011).
  • The End of War: How Waging Peace Can Save Humanity, Our Planet and Our Future (Foreword by Gavin de Becker; Endorsed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu) (Easton Press, upcoming June 2010), Paul K. Chappell and Will War Ever End? A Soldier’s Vision of Peace for the 21st Century (Foreword by Lt. Col. Dave Grossman, U.S. Army, (ret.)), (Rvive Books, 2009).
  • 2048: Humanity’s Agreement To Live Together, J. Kirk Boyd, Executive Director, “2048 Project,” University of California, Berkeley, School of Law (Berrett-Koehler, March 2010).

  • Building Bridges from Writers to Readers: The 2009 San Francisco Writers Conference Anthology (Co-Founders Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen) (SFWC/iUniverse, 2009).

  • Railroad 1869: Along the Historic Union Pacific and A Traveler’s Guide to Railroad 1869, Eugene Arundel Miller (Antelope-Press, 2009).

  • The Last Queen: A Novel, C.W. Gortner (Ballantine Books, 2008 and Random House Readers Circle Trade Paperback, 2009) (editor, original book, Leonibus Books, An Imprint of Two Bridges Press, 2006) and The Secret Lion: A Novel of Suspense in the Tudor Court (upcoming St. Martin’s Press, 2011) (editor, original book, heliographica, 2004).

  • Listen Up! How to Communicate Effectively At Work, Eunice LeMay and Jane Schwamberger (Papilio Publishing, 2007). 2008 National Best Book Awards Finalist, Business; 2008 Next Generation Indie Book Awards Finalist, Career; Eric Hoffer 2008 Award for Excellence in Independent Publishing; Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA) 2008 Gold Award, Overall Best Book; BAIPA 2008 Award, Best Editorial. (Seminars/Individual and Group Trainings available).

  • Transforming Performance Measurement: Rethinking the Way We Measure and Drive Organizational Success, Dean R. Spitzer, Ph.D. (AMACOM, 2007) and SuperMotivation! A Blueprint for Energizing Your Organization From Top to Bottom (AMACOM, 1995). Executive Book Club Main Selection, and also  selected as one of the “Top 30 Business Books” of 1995 by Soundview Executive Book Summaries.

  • Makers of Mischief: A “Boomer’s” Adventures in Childhood, Jack Osborne (DreamAway Books, Inc., 2007), with a 5-minute Video.  Go to, click on the “Roy Rogers and Trigger” icon, and enjoy a pleasant visit back in time!
  • San Francisco Cable Cars: Riding the Ropes Through Past and Present, Joyce Jansen (Woodford Press, 1995) (Introduction by Hon. Dianne Feinstein; Preface by Charlotte Mailliard Swig (Shultz)) (editorial consultant).

  • Napoleon: An Intimate Account of the Years of Supremacy, 1800-1814, Proctor Jones (Preface by Professor Jean Tulard, the Sorbonne, Paris) (Proctor Jones Publishing Company, 1992; distributed by Random House).  Commonwealth Club of California and Napoleonic Society of America awards.


Vicki Weiland is a freelance developmental editor specializing in business, fine arts, history/current events, memoir, and selected historical and literary fiction.  She began her career in the 1980s with a fine-arts independent publishing company, and since then has continued working with independent (self-publishing) authors as well as with authors working with mainline, academic, and specialty publishing houses.  She is on the Board of the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association, has been a speaker, panelist, and Coordinator of the “Book Doctors” at the San Francisco Writers Conference, and is a member and former Board Member of the Women’s National Book Association-SF/Bay Area chapter.

“Throughout the years, I have been privileged to work with writers and authors to help turn their dreams into reality.  I believe that the Author-Editor association is not only a serious business, financial, and professional commitment, but it is also one where a ‘meeting of the minds’ and of the spirits is essential.”


“Producing a book entails many phases, and may take as long as 12-18 months.

It is fun, it is grueling, it is rewarding, and it is satisfying.  The art of writing and the art of editing are pure joy to the participants—in spite of the accompanying long hours, agonizing rewrites, frustrating creative blocks, and enumerable (mind-numbing) proofreading exercises.  But in the final analysis, this is what you both really want to be doing!  And for most of us involved in the writing and editing professions, we really do love it!”

Professional Affiliations: Bay Area Independent Publishers Association (BAIPA), San Francisco Writers Conference (SFWC) and SFWC “Writing for Change” (Co-Founders Elizabeth Pomada and Michael Larsen), and Women’s National Book Association (WNBA) and WNBA-SF/Bay Area chapter, and

Copyright © April 2010 by Vicki Weiland.  Quoted excerpts in Bio are from “You and Your Editor” © (an informational piece) by Vicki Weiland.


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